Haunted Oklahoma City (2016), by Jeff Provine and Tanya McCoy

Oklahoma City boasts a rich heritage of gumption and perseverance, but there are many tales only whispered from shadows.  A spectral woman may be seen in the upper window of the Overholser Mansion (pictured on book front), looking for her long-lost love.  The spirit of one of Oklahoma’s feistiest leaders is said to dwell in the Governor’s Mansion, where he trips guests on the stairs.  Perhaps still thirsty for the drink a fatal gunshot interrupted, the ghost of a cheating mobster rattles the glasses at Gabriella’s off Route 66.  Jeff Provine and Tanya McCoy uncover the curious and creepy tales of the Sooner State capital.


Haunted Guthrie (2015), Jeff Provine and Tanya McCoy

A Victorian district frozen in time, Guthrie was the first territorial and state capital of Oklahoma, and many of its former residents still wander some of its majestic brick buildings. Outlaws and cultists haunt the infamous Black Jail, the state’s first territorial prison. Once a bustling neighborhood, the houses of the overgrown Elbow now stand in ruins. Secrets remain at the famous Masonic Temple shrouded in mystery, and a lonely girl wanders the railroad in search of her beau who never returned home from the Great War. Oklahoma Paranormal Association founder Tanya McCoy and Oklahoma historian Jeff Provine invite you to explore these and many more spine-chilling accounts from one of America’s most haunted cities.



Coming Soon: Haunted Canadian County (2018), Tanya McCoy and Whitney Wilson

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